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We’re NiCk & Jenn

A husband and wife wedding videography team who have been married for 12 years!!! We’re based in Wichita, KS, but we love to explore new places all over the world.

We’re obsessed with loving, teaching, & serving people well and promoting positive marriages. When we’re not busy shooting a wedding you can find us sipping coffee, dancing in our wanna be farmhouse with our two kids, perusing the aisles of target, eating fancy foods (tacos), or cozy on the couch watching The Office on repeat.

We are mostly known for our great service, story driven films and epic same day edits. We want your day to be stress free and fun, so think of us as part of your wedding party…but, ya know with a camera.



"He's not afraid of being in front of a crowd. He has been faithful to the Kansas City Royals his entire life. He rocks a sweet beard. He enjoys mowing the lawn. He’s usually the first one to cry at a movie. He's a momma's boy. He reads comic books every night. He loves Jesus. He makes me laugh. He's is a wonderful husband and dad. He is a loyal friend. He always has my back and encourages me to do the things I love. He lets me sleep in. He makes me a better person."


"She is determined. She is super calm and collected. She’s a badass in the gym. She has at least 5 lists going at any given moment. She loves a good adventure. The only food she hates is tomatoes. She loves Jesus. Simplicity and organization makes her giddy. She is crazy artistic. Because of her I have a shoe rack. She’s a great listener. She is a brilliant mother, and can connect and talk to our children in a way that amazes me. She makes me a better person."

More than anything, you are left with a world-class film of the best day of your life. NICK & JENN love what they do and truly care about their clients. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that hiring WILD OAK FILMS is the best decision we made.
— Lauren

bucket list

bucketlist pic.jpg

let’s go somewhere

We love to experience new places together! Did you know that we have a travel bucket list, and if you book off of this list you’ll get a discount for your wedding, elopement or vow renewal. We take a limited number of travel weddings each year, so if you want to get in on this act fast!

-New Zealand

-Yosemite National Park
-Pacific Northwest
-Glacier National Park
-Joshua Tree
-Redwood National Park
-Jackson Hole