Do you find yourself writing the same emails over and over again? Do you get ghosted after the first email? Do you struggle with how to effectively communicate with clients? Well, its time to take your client emails to the next level! Email is such a powerful business tool that many people ignore. The best emails are personal, relevant, and timely. We have created these email templates so you can check all three of those boxes, save hours in your business, and give your clients the best service possible.

When you purchase the Wild Oak Email Templates you will receive 31 templates to help you up your client experience. Listed below are a few of the responses included:

  • Our process from first inquiry to after the wedding day

  • Auto Response email for when you’re away from the office

  • Brides inquiring without a date, venue, or too far in advance

  • How to address brides requesting discounted prices

  • Requesting the same wedding date

  • Handwritten notes 

  • Vendor emails

  • Requesting video outside of specialty

  • ect.

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