Why Make Wedding Films?

Last week THE WEDDING ELITE magazine reached out to me and made a sales pitch on why I should advertise with them. While making the sales pitch, their marketing guy made a point about how he can easily tell a difference between vendors that want to make money, and those that genuinely care about their clients. He then went on to say (and I'm paraphrasing here) that if you just want to make money, then The Wedding Elite magazine doesn't want to partner with you. TWE magazine wants to partner with the best people who are professional and care about the people that they work with.  Naturally, this got me thinking a little bit. Why is it that I want to make wedding films? 


  1. I want to tell stories. My entire life I have been fascinated with good story (which is why I wrote a series of posts on my current favorite storytellers!). Movies, books, comics, and even video games have always had the ability to pull me in and make me want to experience something special in the world that has been created. I love how good story makes me emotional - whether it be excitement, confusion, frustration, etc... (confession: I tear up every week watching Parenthood). These are the types of emotions I want people to feel (ok, maybe not confusion and frustration) when watching one of my wedding films. One of the best compliments that I have received since launching NMF came from my mother-in-law shortly after I finished Chase + Caitlyn's film. She told me that it was beautiful and that she teared up... and she didn't even know them!
  2. I want to give a wedding couple something that they will cherish... forever. You've heard the saying, "if a picture is worth a thousand words..." then what does that make video? (side note: I've seen many video websites say that "if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth tens of thousands!) But isn't it true? If a picture can say that much, how much more can video say? Brides and grooms will be able to experience their wedding again and again simply by watching a film that I have put together. In my mind I envision all of my couples watching their wedding films every anniversary (or just some random Tuesday), and some day with their children. That isn't a crazy dream, is it? The point is, my film is something that will bring emotion, and have a special place in their heart. This is a gift I plan to give to every single person I work with. 

Now, if I were being completely honest (which I try to be as much as I can), money does factor in to why I make these films. But, I do not want to be a business that cares more about the dollar than the people that I work for... never. I want to create emotional stories that will stick with people for a lifetime. This is why I launched Nick Miller Films. 

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller