The Hudson // Wichita Wedding Videography


Dylan & Hana’s wedding was supposed to happen at the gorgeous vineyard outside of Wichita, Prairie Hill Vineyard, but the Wichita area decided to dump waterfall amounts of rain the week before the wedding. At the last minute (literally the Tuesday before their Saturday wedding) the ceremony & reception were moved to the amazing downtown Wichita venue, The Hudson. Despite the last minute venue swap, Hana’s vision was put together perfectly by Danielle, the coordinator from Prairie Hill Vineyard. We caught up with Dylan & Hana and asked they answer a few questions for us about their wedding day.

What did you love about your wedding venue, the Hudson?


This ones a little tricky for us since we had the last minute venue change! So I'll talk about both places!

 I've said it before but I'm one of those girls who has been planning my wedding day since I was 12. I've also lived in Kansas for a majority of my life. So it's a little bit unrealistic- but I had always dreamt of a beach wedding.  We definitely could've had a smaller destination wedding, but as we had dated for so long and had so many friends/family support us throughout - we felt it more important to have it in our hometown and be able to celebrate the love with all the people who had helped us to get to this point in our life. 

That being said - we were looking for a venue that was large + had an outdoor ceremony site with a water feature (which was honestly still pretty difficult). We found prairie hill through The Knot/Google research and fell in love with the variety of out door spaces that they had available. Their ceremony site had a willow tree and a pond that had me all heart eyes. A large garden, aisle of trees, beautiful dance floor, etc, that could all help to create the variety of experiences we were looking for on our wedding day. Not to mention the bridal suite - which was perfect. The porch that overlooked the property was SCREAMING 'mimosas'. It was an all in one venue with MORE than I had hoped to find. Including a tented space for the reception, and a honey moon suite so we didn't have to leave the night of and the option for an open bar! PLUS - there was the option to include the best coordinator EVER?! It was really a dream come true. After several months of searching I truly felt like I had found THE perfect place. 


 Of course, having a spring wedding at an outdoor venue is a little risky and with all of the weather issues, we had to make a last minute change, and ended up having the entire wedding at The Hudson. It's a beautiful venue, but it's got an entirely different vibe. It's very very industrial. I loved that they still had an outdoor space that was enclosed so that the hustle and bustle of down town wasn't affecting the ceremony. They had cute Edison lights overhead that were very romantic. Because it was so simple out there we were able to bring in a bunch of tropical plants and we were really able to start to transform it into that "tropical" destination-esque vibe I had been hoping for. Having a large reception space that was completely indoors was a great option as well, and as soon as you start adding the lighting and the drapery it really made the space feel romantic/surreal! 

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?


Hana: SO many great memories, but the absolute best feeling was when they opened the entry to the ceremony, and Dylan turned around. Since we got engaged a year and a half before, the entire time he swore he would not be crying. But when we locked eyes as I walked down the eyes, I saw his face twitch. His nose flared. His eyes scrunched up for a moment and I knew he was holding down tears. That memory gives me literal goose bumps. I couldn't stop crying the rest of the walk down. 


Dylan: I loved the toasts. Getting to sit up there with Hana and listen to our friends talk about their favorite memories with/of us, and just getting to soak that up/relive all of those times. 


What Advice do you have for engaged couples?


Work in 3's! Before Dylan and I entered any phase we always made a list of our 'next 3 priorities'. aka when deciding where to start we had to figure out which 3 things were most important to us, which were

1. venue

2. photo/video

3. dress/suit

Then we broke it down to what were the 3 most important things for our venue, from our photographers/videographers and in my dress/what he would wear. We didn't worry about anything else until we had those 3 things locked in, then we moved into our next thing and it was super helpful to keep the whole process way less overwhelming!!


What would you share with couples who are 'on the fence' about a wedding video?


We were very blessed to have amazing photographers in addition to amazing videographers, but nothing matches the feeling that I get when Dylan and I pull our wedding video up. You imagine this day for years, and then it comes and you're totally swept away and it all flies by. Having a video to look back to and be able to see you, your spouse, and all of the special moments that made up that day is an indescribable feeling. Photos are amazing to keep memories but the feeling that you get when you watch your spouse laugh, or listen to your friends and family cheer you on after the ceremony - its unmatched besides through a video, 10/10 worth it.