The 3rd Best Day of My Life

Here is the order of best days of my life:

1) Marrying Jennifer
2) Piper being Born
3) October 5th, 2014

Why was October 5th, 2014 so awesome? Because I got to do something that I haven't been able to do in my lifetime... Go to a Kansas City Royals playoff game. And, not only was it a playoff game, the Royals, up 2 games to none on the Angels, had a chance to clinch and go to the American League Championship Series! 

My super awesome wife let me purchase tickets after the Royals awesome-come-from-behind win in the Wild Card Game last week. I was joined by Jennifer, Ric, Ben, and 40,000 of my closest friends. It. Was. Unbelievable. 

First thing that we did after getting into the glorious Kauffman stadium? Picked up some super sweet Royals playoff gear. I knew from the day that the Royals clinched a playoff spot I wanted the rad blue sweatshirt that said Always October. BTW - this stuff isn't cheap! But hey, the last time the Royals made the playoffs I was wearing a diaper (that might be a tid bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point). 


Let me give you a quick rundown of how the game played out for us.
Top 1: Mike Trout walks to the plate. I look up at the scoreboard and say, "Ha!" that MVP hasn't had a hit all post season. Mr. Trout then homers. Ric punches me in the arm. 
Bottom 1: Bases loaded, Alex Gordon walks to the plate. (Note, before the game started I told Ben that Alex was going to have a great game. If you'd like to email him to confirm this prediction, I'll hook you up). Alex hits a double to deep left center. The place goes nuts. Ric chokes me in excitement. 
Bottom 3: Hoser homers to left center. Ric chokes me in excitement. 
Bottom 3: BILLY BUTLER STOLE A BASE. The rest of the game the crowd emphatically chanted BILLY BUTLER every time he came up to the plate.
Top 4: Pujols homers to left center. Ric freaks out and thinks the season is over. 
Bottom 4: Moustakas homers to right. Crowd freaks out. Ric chokes me in excitement. 
Top 6: Jennifer says, "Hey I'd like some peanuts and I'd like to use the bathroom." Me, being the good husband said, "I'll go with you." Somehow when Jen went to the bathroom I ended up in the LONGEST line ever and it took me 20 minutes to buy some bottles of water and peanuts. During that time Lorenzo Cain made not one, but two amazing catches in center field. I might not have seen them with my eye balls, but Ric didn't choke me in excitement.
Top 9: Greg Holland comes in to pitch. (Note, at the end of the 8th I told Ben that Holland would strike out Trout to end the game). And... well... This happened.

Nick Miller