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The Wild Carrot // St. Louis Wedding Videography

We had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis, Missouri to be a part of Mason & Dylann’s Wedding. Their Boho inspired wedding took place at the amazing wedding venue, The Wild Carrot. Dylann has amazing style and put together a wedding that was unique as well as totally her and Mason. We asked Dylann & Mason to share their thoughts about their wedding day.

What did you love about your wedding venue, The Wild Carrot?


Dylann: I am so obsessed with how unique the Wild Carrot is. I didn't want to get married in some old barn or a church we had no connection to (bleh. boring.). I was searching for a couple weeks for the perfect place in St. Louis. When I first saw the Wild Carrot on instagram I knew it was the place. I showed it to Mason and he completely agreed that it was so us - fun, modern, and overall just perfect. My aunt and grandmother went to see the Wild Carrot a day or two after I found it and we immediately booked after they toured it and FaceTimed us. Mason and I didn't see it in person until August and we booked the venue in late May/early June. I was in love with how the Wild Carrot offered mixed style seating. The bar area, collection of couches, and little seating areas where people could pick a spot, sit back, enjoy a drink, and catch up gave me butterflies.

Mason: I also loved how it was a space we could have both the wedding and reception. The Wild Carrot gave off that vibe we wanted for our ceremony and the party afterwards, and it was awesome to have it all under one roof. (I completely agree, too!). I also loved how it had a full sized bar. It made it feel like more of celebration and felt like a speakeasy or something really cool like that. We enjoy going to bars with our friends and it felt like it was a local little bar we could hang with friends at - that feeling was important to us.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?


We both agreed that our favorite memory of our day was simply being together. We loved having time alone for our first look and photos and film throughout the day to celebrate us becoming man and wife. We also loved how we were dancing together and when we went around talking to family and friends we hadn't seen in a long time. That was our favorite part of the day, just being together. It was so fun to have so many people there to celebrate our love and we were just soaking it all up.

What advice do you have for engaged couples?


Mason: "Just chill out." LOL, great advice, Mason... He said that remembering not to stress so much. At the time things seem so important and like the day will not go on without it being completely nailed down or taken care of that very second. He remembers me stressing about some things they played such a small role in the entirety of the day and he wished those things wouldn't have caused us so much stress in the planning phase leading up to the few days before the wedding (I completely agree, haha).


Dylann: My advice for engaged couples is to make every decision about YOUR day while always remembering that it is YOUR day and having that in the back of your mind. Do not make decisions because someone else will like or not like them. There were a few moments when I began to change what I originally wanted or planned to please others and although this is a big day for many family and friends, not just us, it's your wedding and it's perfectly okay to be selfish in my opinion.

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Dylann: I also advise couples to have fun. There are some parts of wedding planning and the entire wedding process that are not fun, but try your best to have as much fu with it as you can. For me, the planning process was actually reallyyyyy fun. I loved picking out details and making our vision come to life. I pretty much did all the planning on my own. It made our wedding day so very special when I walked into the venue and saw everything coming together even better than I imagined. Mason even said he cried when he walked into the venue for the first time that day and saw all of our hard work come together (although he cried many times that day, hahaha).