Our Family

As you can probably tell, by OUR FAMILY I didn't mean MY FAMILY! This quick announcement features Lance and Hollie. Jennifer and I have known them for 4 years or so. And boy, does it take me back down Memory Lane to think about how we met. I wasn't just being sentimental, it literally does... their house (before they moved GRRRR!) was on Memory Lane.   

All puns aside, Lance and Hollie were not only great neighbors, (I can't tell you how many times they took care of our dogs when we were out of town, or they would let me borrow law equipment because I don't have the stuff Lance does) they have also been great friends!

When my wife and I found out they were pregnant a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to film a video announcement. It's something fun and it is a small way of me saying thank you for the friendship that we've had over the past few years.

ongrats, guys! I know you'll make awesome parents!

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller