Non Wedding Work I Would Like To Do

This past week I was able to release a promo film for my of Jennifer Miller Photography fame. If you haven't (or have) seen the spot you can check it out below.

So, this got me thinking, what are some Non Weddings projects that I would really like to be a part of? Here is what I came up with (in no specific order):


I love the idea of telling a real story of a person or group of people. And by real I mean unscripted. I don't really have any ideas about who or what, but I do like the idea of following someone into the mission field. Possibly Haiti or Guatemala - our church has missionaries/sends groups to those places.


I would get to film a singer/band performing a song that they have really poured their life into - that is special in and of itself. This would also be a great opportunity to collaborate with a group of people and tell a story that is important to them.


By short film I mean a 10-20 minute original story. My brother and I have long dreamed of creating something like this together. Recently (over the past 6 years or so) he has fallen in love with writing. He has written a couple novels (over 300 pages) and various short stories. It would be fun to come up with a story and creatively work with him.


Simply put, someday I would like to work as a cameraman (or anything, really) on some big time production. Be it web, television, or big screen. 

There you have it, my short 'bucket list' of non wedding projects that I would like to work on. What are some dreams/goals that you have for your life?

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller