My New Awesome Office

So, I have a new awesome office, all thanks to my awesome wife Jennifer. I am stealing this entire blog post from her... so, go here if you'd like to see the original. 

There are a few things you should know about our office before the makeover. 1) It was ugly. Like, ugly. The entire room was painted gray with a purple accent wall. And by purple, I mean... purple. Like grosser than K-State purple. Don't ask us why we painted it this color, or why we thought it was a good idea. Because it was not! 2) The space wasn't very well used. We only had one (massive) desk, no real good storage, and it was purple. 3) It was purple. 

For the past year Jennifer has been talking about how she wanted to redo the office. At first I was like... c'mon dude, it's just an office. Now I'm like... my office is super awesome! Almost everything was purchased at Ikea or Target. I'd like to say I had a hand in the design... but that would be a lie... :) So here we go with the office!

Enjoy! Nick

John Bunn & Nick Miller