Movies I Could Watch A Lot

When I was in college one of my professors said that it is ok to copy people… that is people who have good ideas. So today, that’s what I’m doing! My wife did an online mentoring session with Amy & Jordan a couple of months ago after hearing them speak at WPPI. Last week they wrote a blog on the top 10 movies they could watch over and over again. So, here is my list of the top 10 movies that I could watch a lot! (I'm actually going to try to rank these in order)

10. Out Cold
I first saw this movie in college and immediately fell in love with it. It's a snowboarding comedy. It's the first movie I ever saw with Zach Galifianakis - I still quote it to this day! 

9. Iron Man
Probably the best solo Marvel movie to date (though that might change after I watch Winter Soldier again...). I don't make it a secret that I love comic books. This movie is a no brainer. 

8. Lion King
It's the best Disney animated movie ever made!

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
I love the Nintendo references. Also, it's hilarious and fast pasted. I remember watching it 2 times in one night... I literally watched it and then started it over as soon as it was finished!

6. The Dark Knight
Does this one really need an explanation?
(This is my #2 favorite movie of all time)

5. Transformers
I fell in love with this movie the moment one of the decepticons made 'the sound' when it transformed. Also, Optiumus Prime might be my favorite fictional character of all time... even over Batman!

4. Tron: Legacy
Not only did I love this movie... it has an AWESOME soundtrack. Little known fact about me, I really enjoy techno music. This movie has that, plus I love the father/son story the plays throughout the movie.
(This is my #4 favorite movie of all time)

3. Star Trek (2009)
I have watched this movie 28 times (yes, I have kept count). I've always had a love for Star Trek stuff... I grew up on the stuff - growing up my dad made me watch all of the movies, so I was sort of predestined to love this one! J.J. Abrams is by far my favorite director/storyteller. 
(This is my #3 favorite movie of all time)

2. Harry Potter (1-7.2)
I know this is 8 movies... but it's one massive story! It is beautifully told too. 

1. Jurassic Park
It's simply the best movie ever made. I have seen this movie in the theater 8 times, and yes I did watch it last year in IMAX as a part of the 20 year anniversary.
(This is my #1 favorite movie of all time)

There you have it... that's my list! What are the movies that you could watch over and over again? 

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller