Happy Anniversary!

So, later this month Nick Miller Films will be turing 1 - whoopy! (Do I get to have some sort of birthday party? I'll let you all buy me stuff! No... that's ok) At the end of September in 2012, I filmed Chase & Caitlyn's wedding, and since then I have had the opportunity to be a part of a number of weddings (and have many more lined up). 

So, I decided that it was time to change a few things about my business. First thing, I got a fancy new logo! I am beyond happy with how this turned out. My wife's friend from college designed it. If you need a logo - I've got a name and number for ya! So, what do you think?

Logo by Lauren Younkin!

Logo by Lauren Younkin!

Naturally, with a new logo I needed a website redesign. After spending a few days figuring out how I'd like the site to look, it's finished. You likey? 

I cannot believe I have been filming weddings for a year, and cannot wait to see what happens in the next year with Nick Miller Films! 

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller