Daniel & Mariana | Featured Couple

From Mariana:

Our journey begins on on a fall day back in 1982, we had what you call "Love at first cry." Our paths first crossed at St. Francis hospital. Born a day apart somehow we shared the baby nursery for a short time period. Twenty three years later we meet again, this time in the same place of employment, we become friends, and felt a very special energy together. But, circumstances at that moment would not allow us to be anything more.

Daniel leaves to pursue a better opportunity soon after we become friends. A year later, fate brought us back together at a party. This time, we our able to let things take its course and begin dating and instantly we know that what we have is something special. He begins with playful phone conversations, we battle to see who knows the most about music, dates to the movies, nights out dancing the night away, then those late night taco stands. Once you share your burrito, well that's when you know you have met your soul mate. (haha)

Couple years later we have a beautiful daughter together. We begin to talk about our future more often and realize we need to do things right. An opportunity arises on a vacation to Cancun for a friends birthday and Daniel talks to the rest of the group to inform them what he had planned to do. That Sunday evening July 10, 2011 after briefly making me mad he takes me to the edge of the cliff near the ocean, where everyone had already taken there pictures,  apologizes, and begins to whisper into my ear sweet things, then he dropped to one knee and proposed to me! 

Three years later here we are getting married Aug. 09, 2014 and we can not wait, God willing, to live the rest of our lives together and expand our family. 

I cannot wait celebrate with you both this weekend!
Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller