Clint & Erica | Featured Couple

How will you be ringing in the New Year? I get to spend my New Year's Eve celebrating with Clint & Erica!

From the Couple:
Erica and Clint's love story is one for the books! They first met in 9th grade when Clint moved to Andover, Kansas. They became fast friends and grew quite close throughout high school. After graduating in 2001, Erica moved away to attend Kansas State University and Clint stayed in Wichita to begin working for a family business. Over the next several years, life led them down two completely different paths even taking Erica out of state. Despite efforts to stay in touch, their visits were very few and far between. Then on May 10, 2008, a day when they were least expecting it, fate stepped in!

Erica was home visiting from Arizona when she ran into Clint while out with some friends. They spent the evening rekindling that old connection and much to everyone's surprise, a long-distance relationship was quickly established. During the following 11 months it became obvious that distance really does make the heart grow fonder. In May of 2009, Clint helped pack up Erica’s house in Scottsdale and they embarked on a journey back to Kansas to continue their life together. Five years later, Clint began planning a very special surprise proposal. On March 26, 2014, in the comforts of their own home, he got down on one knee and asked Erica to be his forever.

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Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller