California... Here We Come! | Destination Wedding Videographer


I am ecstatic to finally be able to share with you all that I will be filming a wedding this upcoming weekend in California. Christopher and Brittany will be getting married at the Abbott Manor in Temecula - which is about an hour or so outside of San Diego. 

How did I book this destination wedding? Well... it all helps when you know the right people. A couple of years ago at WPPI my wife and I met and became fast friends with Shane & Lauren of Shane & Lauren Photography. Christopher is Lauren's brother. Shane and Lauren know great talent when they see it so they talked to Jen about her shooting the wedding. I got the gig because I'm married to the right person. 

I'm really looking forward to this and I cannot wait to get out there and film Chris & Britt's wedding! It's going to be amazing. Be sure to follow me on Instagram! I'll be posting all of our fun adventures on my business and personal accounts!

Enjoy! Nick

John Bunn & Nick Miller