Brent + Caitlin Highlight | Kansas City Area Wedding Video


I am beyond excited to share with you Brent & Caitlin's wedding film! Brent has been one of the most influential people in my life this past year. Jennifer and I met Brent at when we decided to go through a lifestyle change of getting healthy. Brent was our trainer and did a great job of whipping us in shape (as of today I am down 20lbs and Jennifer is down 30!!)! Both Jennifer and I were exctatic when Brent asked us to be the photographer/videographer duo at his wedding!

Thank you Brent for all that you have done for me. I wish you and Caitlin all of the happiness in the world! So now, I present to you, Brent & Caitlin's Highlight film!

My wife did a great job of photographing Brent and Caitlin's wedding - check out her photo blog from their special day here!

Enjoy! Nick

Nick Miller