The Beginning

In early 2005 I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop. Over the next several years I was able to tinker, mess around, and learn Photoshop fairly well. In 2008ish I was introduced to Adobe After Effects, which is basically Photoshop for video - this was when I really started to submerge myself into video. Over the past 4+ years I have learned a lot about VFX, editing, composition, color grading and, well... A LOT about video!

In the fall of 2010 my wife started a photography business, Jennifer Miller Media. Before too long she got into the wedding business. I have been able to help shoot a few weddings with her, but I've never really had the love affair with Photography that I have with Video. 

Nick Miller Films is something that I have wanted to do, in some capacity, for quite a long time! Visual Effects is what I started learning, and I thought it would be so cool to do various projects like Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot. When I figured that there was no way  I would be that good I talked to my friend Adam about making dumb youtube videos like Freddy W. or Corridordigital. Again, that didn't really pan out, but this summer I was asked to make daily videos at a church summer camp, and I fell in love with this type of work. After watching my first Joe Simon wedding film I knew I wanted to make wedding films. 

And now, after months of thoughts and prayers here it is, Nick Miller Films.

I'm not really sure how exactly I will use this blog. I'll be sure to upload videos/things I'm working on, but I'm sure I'll end up talking about comic books, heroclix, or my totally rad daughter! 

Enjoy! Nick.

Nick Miller