Rob, Vanessa, and CreativeLive

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy host a creativeLIVE event all about wedding Cinematography. For 3 days, Rob and Vanessa imparted so much of their wisdom.  Here are a few things that I learned while watching this free webinar.

  1. Story is the MOST IMPORTANT! With every film, whether wedding, documentary, commercial, etc..., the story must be compelling and connect with the audience. If there is not story, ultimately  there is no film. 
  2. Video isn't easy (which I already knew). There is so much that goes into making a quality (wedding) film; footage, audio, and lighting (just to name a few). So, don't stop shooting. Always find a way to improve the craft.
  3. When Rob was asked, "what camera equipment is more important to invest money in, body or glass (lens)?" His response was, "Audio!" Without quality audio there is no film. 
  4. Communication. It is so important to always be in communication with the people that work with you, and the people you are working for. Never surprise a bride or groom on their wedding day, and always have a plan before shooting.

Of course, I learned a whole lot more information than these 4 points, but if I tried to include more info, this could potentially be the longest thing that I've ever written in my life! 

I wanted to say thanks to Rob, Vanessa, and the creativeLIVE team for all that they taught, and their willingness to help other people in the business.

Enjoy! Nick


P.S. One of the major highlights of the webinar for me was when one of my submitted questions was read on air, it made me feel important!

Vanessa (Photography) and Rob (Cinematography) are a husband and wife couple who not only do amazing work, but also help other people in the business!

Nick Miller