I'm on the interwebs

Did you know that building a website is a complicated process? First you have to buy a domain (I got mine from domain.com), then you need to find some service to host your site (I'm using squarespace), then you have to build your site! Here are a few reasons why building a website is dumb:

  • It never looks how you want it to look... I'd prefer a "drag and drop" style of making things... you know put your pictures/text/videos where you want them to then it's done! Websites don't work like that.... 
  • CODING! HTML, CSS, JQUERY... They're literally a different language. I took a year of greek in college. To this day I can't tell you what words mean, but I can read it to you! Interweb coding is very greek.
  • It takes forever... I spent waaaaaaaay too many hours making this website, though you can't really argue that it isn't awesome.

So after I get my Website looking how I want it to look you then have to register your site with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves. This is a process that isn't too difficult, you just have to wait for some things to get mailed to you, wait, blah, blah, blah. 

But it's all worth it when you go to a search engine and type in something general like "wedding videography wichita kansasand this pops up!


I've always been a Google user, but Bing had my site show up faster. Does that mean I win the Bing-it-On challenge?

Enjoy! Nick

John Bunn & Nick Miller